Engineers / refrigeration

 Who: Refrigeration Engineers for Large fishing vessels


When:  March 2019 and April 2019


Day Rate:  to be determined


If interested, please send resume to

Engineer with Fishing Vessel endorsement and R-22 Freon knowledge

Initial search and no day rate, yet.

Who: engineer with R-22 (Freon gas) working knowledge-    500 T license

License: Fishing Vessel endorsement

Vessel:  Small Factory Trawler, 110 Ft long

Preferred:  experience in AK waters on commercial fishing vessels

When: end of December 2018

Where: Kodiak. AK

Transportation paid IF contract completed

please send copy of Merchant Mariner document (MMC) that shows Fishing Vessel endorsement and a resume to







First Assistant Engineer for Research vessel

Who: First Assistant Engineer with Unlimited HP

Base Hourly Rate: $ 28.90 .     11,000/ month

What: Research vessel

When: January 7

Duration: about 6 weeks + travel time

LocationSouth Africa

please send copy of Merchant Mariner document (MMC) showing Unlimited HP  and a resume to



Assistant Engineer with Ammonia Refrigeration experienced

Assistant Engineer with Ammonia Refrigeration experience and experience on fishing vessels

Day Rate:$ 300

When: end of December

Duration:  1-3 months depends on season

Round trip airfare paid if completes the season/contract

Where: Kodiak, Alaska

Please send copy of MMC documents and a resume to: