Now Licensed DDE 4000 on Fishing boat $600 a day

Job 2081 Licensed DDE 4000 or greater; $600/day for fishing vessel in Dutch Harbor, AK. All documents must be current, 30 day minimum. Start date 8/25/23. Airfare paid to and from Alaska by hiring company if contract completed, company pays recruiter fees; No application ever; please send resume to

Now USCG Licensed Assistant Engineer Uninspected on fishing boat $800 per day

ASAP job 2080 Assistant Engineer Uninspected Fishing Vessels; Uninspected must appear on license. $800 for 1 -2 months could be longer Vessel is a catcher / processor in Alaska Airfare paid to and from Alaska if contract completed Hiring company pays recruitment fee No application form ever; send resume to

Urgent need Licensed 3 AE for tugboat / barge in Michigan

Licensed Able Body Seaman for $ 503/ day. *Must have steam ship endorsement* immediate permanent employment on a tug /barge in Michigan recent graduates please apply Mariner reimbursed airfare; make your own travel arrangements Required TWIC and Passport Please contact with a current resume, a copy of your MMC doc, passport, TWIC and Coast …