Director of Engineer/ Port Engineer Seattle

Job Title: Director of Engineering Reports to: Steamer Virginia V Foundation Executive Director Background: The Steamer Virginia V Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that owns and operates the SS VIRGINIA V. The SS VIRGINIA is a 125’, 200 ton, wooden passenger vessel. She is powered by a triple expansion 400 horsepower steam engine. The Foundation operates the vessel approximately 50 times a year with a combination of private, public, and educational events. The SS VIRGINIA V is a United States Coast Guard (USCG) inspected vessel. Description: The Director of Engineering oversees the entire marine engineering department on the VIRGINIA V. The position is responsible for the maintenance and operation of all engineering equipment onboard the vessel. The Director of Engineering is the leader of the engineering department and all approved Chief Engineers, Designated Engineers, and Trainees report to the position. The Director of Engineering is in charge of all advancement approval, training, and scheduling procedures for the Chief Engineers, Designated Engineers, and Trainee positions on the VIRGINIA V. Primary Duties: • Send out and manage weekly schedule for engineering volunteers • Work with Executive Director to facilitate biennial haul-outs of the VIRGINIA V • Work with the Port Captain position on any relevant operational issues and tasks • Communicate with the United States Coast Guard for annual Certificate of Inspection on the VIRGINIA V • Conduct work parties for vessel maintenance as needed • Conduct trainings and advancement procedures as needed • Organize and maintain all engineering spaces • Purchase and track all engineering consumables as needed Qualifications: Necessary: • None Desired: • Current USCG Chief Engineer license. Minimum 400 HP. Steam propulsion. • Port Engineer or Senior Engineer experience Compensation: $1,200/month No benefits

For more details or to apply, please contact Executive Director Heron Scott at 206-624-9119 or